Committed to good corporate citizenship and business practices that serve all of our stakeholders.



We own assets subject to long-term, triple-net leases that generally require our tenants to maintain the properties they occupy, including the environmental impact of their operations and any sustainability initiatives they choose to implement

We place a high priority on the protection of our assets and the environment

  • Our team includes full-time environmental experts and dedicated due diligence personnel

  • Our leases require tenants to comply with environmental laws and regulations, including remediation of any contamination that arises during their tenancy

  • We maintain an actively-managed program to oversee legacy environmental remediation for which we are responsible

  • Our leases require tenants to have comprehensive insurance and we maintain additional pollution coverage throughout the portfolio

We are committed to investing responsibly and managing the environmental risks in our business

  • Our acquisition due diligence process includes extensive environmental review and analysis conducted by experts in convenience and automotive retail real estate

  • Our asset management and environmental teams continuously monitor our properties for potential contamination, exposure to natural disasters and other environmental risks

  • We support and encourage our tenants' sustainability initiatives

We emphasize sustainability at our corporate headquarters

  • Our new office space includes energy efficient computer equipment, filtered water machines and timed or sensor-controlled HVAC and lighting systems

  • Our office policies include various recycling programs, no plastic cups or utensils, and a commitment to reduce paper use

  • Our commuter benefits program encourages the use of public transportation or ride sharing


We believe that our people are the foundation of our success and are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace that allows our team members to engage professionally and personally

  • We aim to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment; women currently comprise 47% of our full-time team

  • We promote and fund professional development opportunities through in-person trainings, online learning resources, and external classes and seminars as requested by our team

  • Our Business Conduct Guidelines and Employee Handbook govern our professional conduct and ethics with respect to our people, our partners, our health and safety, and our IT security

We adhere to health and safety best practices at our corporate headquarters, including:

  • Clear and current guidelines for in-office conduct

  • De-densification of open seating areas and installation of cubicle shields

  • Company-provided sanitizing supplies and installation of non-contact infrared thermometers

We offer team members a robust benefits package that includes:

  • Competitive base salaries, plus cash and equity incentive compensation opportunities

  • Profit sharing and 401(k) plan with partial Company match

  • Comprehensive medical and dental insurance with substantially all premiums paid by the Company

  • Company-funded healthcare reimbursement accounts and pre-tax employee-funded flexible spending accounts

  • Company-funded commuter reimbursement accounts and a pre-tax employee-funded commuter benefits program

  • Expansive paid time-off benefits and flexible work schedules

  • Programs for paid parental leave and adoption assistance reimbursement


We are dedicated to maintaining high standards for corporate governance predicated on integrity and transparency.

We value independence on our Board of Directors

  • 83% of our directors (5 out of 6) are independent

  • Our Chairman is independent

  • All of our committees are independent

We are committed to broadening the diversity composition of our Board of Directors

We hold annual elections for all directors

We have restrictions on over-boarding

We maintain anti-hedging & anti-pledging policies

We have no poison pill provisions

Our by-laws and Articles of Incorporation provide stockholders with authority to amend our bylaws

We have opted out of applicable provisions of the Maryland Unsolicited Takeover Act (MUTA) relating to our Board’s right to self-classify

Our Board of Directors and executive management team maintain significant stock ownership in our Company

Our Board of Directors is directly engaged with the critical initiatives that help us establish and maintain our policies related to sustainability, corporate citizenship and effective governance

  • Our Board has delegated oversight of our Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) efforts to our Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee.

  • Our Board has delegated oversight of enterprise risk management, including risks related to ESG, to our Audit Committee